Why would u use the Spacapsule and the Shiatsu chair?

If you’re having any trouble with your neck, back, muscles, or do you just love it to have a massage? Don’t wait any longer, the Spacapsule and Shiatsu chair are the solution!

Nowadays, everything is possible and there are a lot of expectations about us. Without us even noticing our lifestyles do change because of this.

When we take our well deserved time it won’t have any negative effects. But if we don’t, it can cause stress, physical and mental illness.

A frequently asked question is: ” Does the MassageCapsule or MassageChair really work effective against neck and back issues?” To answer this question properly we need to have a bit more understanding in the cause of the issues. But in general can say that our massage works against stress and pain. A proper massage stimulates the blood flow which eventually creates relaxation, both, mental and psychical.