• Which type of events are most suitable for an Event Oasis wellness experience?
    • Many different kinds of events have a  (silent) need for them to optimally fulfill their purpose; Congresses; to energize guests and focus their mindset, Exhibitions; as an eyecatcher and to indulge clients and prospects, Incentives or VIP events; to pamper guests and provide luxury relaxation and rejuvenation, Staff / Private parties; as a  spa on location, Promotional tours; to create a positive brand image, Product launches; to provide an extraordinary experience, Wellness & Vitality days; for extra relaxation and energy amongst employees, Weddings; to make that special day even more special and stressless, Festivals and concerts; to provide a moment to regain energy and “reload the batteries”,  Sport Events; to massage the muscles and provide oxygen for optimal performance, and finally we await your specific event where there is a need for a moment to Relax and Energize!
  • In which countries do you operate?
    • The majority of our contracts has been within Europe, but we consider the world as our home; we are a mobile spa company.  So please let us know where you would like us to go and we’ll co-create to fit your wishes and budgets.
  • Do you have complicated technical requirements?
    • One of the main benefits is: we are very “event proof”. The basic needs are electricity and a location. We will also provide you with all relevant technical data so there will be a smooth operation at the event.
  • Who can use the Oxygen lounge and SpaCapsule?
    • The SpaCapsule and Oxygen Lounge have been used by people ranging from 3 to 80+ in age, ranging from 2 feet to over 6 foot tall, males and females, of various religious backgrounds, different cultures, in 100 % fit condition and people with special health conditions. If you have any questions; please let us know, there is a lot of know how available to share.